Safety First


At Ayling & Reichert, we feel that operator safety should be the number one priority in the workplace.

The transferring of flammable or combustible liquids from one vessel to another is a common practice in today’s workplace. Whether you transfer these liquids from a 55-gallon drum or a safety can, transfer them from a safety can to a cup, or to any other containment vessel for use on the job, dangers exist. It is important to understand that all flammable and combustible liquids have flash points. A Flash Point is defined as; The lowest temperature at which the vapor of a combustible liquid can be made to ignite momentarily in the air. Common flammable liquids have flash points below 100F (37.8C) and combustible liquids have flash points above 100F (37.8C). When transferring these dangerous liquids most operators understand that hot surfaces and open flames must not be present at the liquid transfer site. However, what many employers and employees alike do not realize is that with liquid transfer, Static Electricity will also cause flammable and combustible liquids to ignite and explode.

Safety Drum Pumps

The Model 2000TS FM Approved Safety Pumps for drums is specifically designed to pump flammable and combustible liquids. It has commonly been used for such flammable liquids as lacquer thinners, acetone, and toluene. Send us an inquiry and let us check the chemical compatibility for the flammable or combustible liquids that you need to pump. Each Model 2000TS FM Approved Safety Pump is supplied complete with everything you need to pump safely. The pumps are supplied with both grounding wires to ground the pump, the container you are pumping into and the drum you are pumping out of. Strong alligator clips are used to maintain a good ground. In addition the pump is supplied with a flash arrestor that will prevent a flashback in your pump, and a two-inch bung adapter. Additionally we also offer a pump for more aggressive chemicals made of type 316 stainless steel for the pump components along with chemically resistant Teflon ® wetted components the model of this pump is 3160TS.

Model 2000TS

“Our commitment to safety is expressed with each and every pump
we manufacture.”

Model 2000TS

Safety Pail Pumps

For those customers that have a need to dispense flammable and combustible liquids from DOT pails we have a FM Approved Safety Pail Pump available for your requirements. We have a Model 2000TSPail-F which is used on Pails that are supplied with a Rieke Flex Spout. The Rieke Flex Spout adapter attaches to the Rieke Flex Spout and allows for the secure attachment of the pump and the pail. Please refer to the picture of the Flex Spout Adapters to see how the adapter is attached to the Pail.

If you have a pail that is supplied with a threaded screw cap we have a set of adapters that will fit (4) sizes that are commonly used. Pumps that are supplied with (4) Screw Cap Adapters are designated as Model 2000TSPail-S.

As with the other pumps we also supply a 316 Stainless Steel version of the Pail Pump. Please refer to the picture of the Screw Cap Adapters for more information.