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At Ayling & Reichert, we feel that operator safety should be the number one priority in the workplace. Especially in those working environments where flammable liquids are in daily use. We offer a line of affordable hand-operated Safety Pumps that can help you protect both you employees and your company assets.

Our Products

FM Approved Safety Pumps

Ayling & Reichert Safety Pumps are designed to eliminate the danger of static electricity resulting from the liquid transferring process by the technique of bonding and grounding.

Metal Stampings

Metal stampings produced from brass, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, phos bronze, monel and aluminum. Press tonnage from 2-ton to 200-tons. We run both line dies and progressive dies. Additional support operations include plating, powder coating, mig welding, resistance welding, soldering and brazing, heat treating and case hardening and assembly.

Brass Carburetor Floats


Many models of brass carburetor floats available to fit Rochester, Carter, Holley and Ford carburetors. Many floats for older vehicles are still available.